When both parents are working, having their children enrolled in a childcare centre usually happens. The double income from both husband and wife has become a norm in this current day and age.

This means that parents can’t take full-time care of their preschool kids. Grandparents might be willing to help; however, the shape of their health makes them unable to perform the task.

Entrusting a child to a child care provider offers the perfect solution for working parents. Deciding whether to enrol a child in a childcare centre near the workplace or home becomes the dilemma.

Sending children to a childcare centre near the workplace provides multiple benefits, to include:

Handy and accessible way of picking up a child

Children are dropped off at the chosen childcare centre before parents go to work. This happens every morning and picking them up every afternoon. In terms of time-saving and costs of travelling, choosing a childcare centre near the workplace is handier and more accessible.

This allows children to travel with their parents before and after work; creating a crucial bonding time with them as well.

Easily reachable in times of emergency

Children falling sick at any time are one of the things parents have to contend with when they start attending childcare centres. The undeveloped immune system of young children makes them susceptible to common ailments such as fever, colds, and cough.

In times of emergencies, picking up your child from the childcare centre becomes easy and quick when it is near your workplace.

There’s quite a distance from your workplace to your home

Since you’re not home most of the day, it’s sensible to let your child attend a childcare centre near your workplace. Opting for this prevents you from rushing to pick up your child at the required time of 7pm. Childcare centres usually impose a penalty of extra charges every 10 minutes for late pickups.

You can easily drop in during your lunch break

Sharing lunch with your child during your lunchbreak becomes possible when the childcare centre is near your workplace. Spending as much time as possible with your child is precious and sharing lunch is one of them.

Offers convenience when you start work early

Childcare centres located in the business hub tend to keep early hours. Opting to have your child attend a childcare centre near your work becomes more convenient when your work shift starts early.

Easier to get involved in childcare activities

Childcare centres try to involve parents in the care of their children as much as possible. One of the popular activities is the parent’s day. Being able to attend special occasions such as this is convenient when the childcare centre is near your workplace.

A great option for breastfeeding moms

If you’re still breastfeeding, the proximity of a childcare centre to your workplace becomes convenient when it’s time to breastfeed. In situations such as this, choosing a childcare centre within walking distance from the workplace is the best option.

The potential and current situation should be seriously considered when deciding whether a childcare centre near the workplace is convenient. For instance, a potential job on the horizon might make it more inconvenient to choose a childcare centre near your current workplace.