Your artistic vision comes to life with the use of the right art tools. Artists in Melbourne express their creativeness using essential art tools purchased from art supply stores, Melbourne.

Must-have Art Tools for Artists

Setting up your art workspace begins with a selection of essential tools. The right art tools will set you up whether the choice is using the best pencils to create a new piece or hone your painting techniques.

These art tools readily available in any art stores in Melbourne:


A varied selection on hand is recommended if you’re comfortable working with pens. The wide range of available pen brands offered by art supply stores enables you to get the perfect set for your needs.


Pencils are considered the most important tool of the trade when it comes to art. This essential tool can either be mechanical or wooden. It is recommended to try out a few pencil brands to ensure the quality you want for your particular artwork.

Hardback or paper sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are important art tools whether you’re working on a new logo design or portrait drawing. The use of a sketchbook is one way of honing your drawing skills. The wide selection of sketchbooks in art supply stores enables you to get the one you need.


An art workstation is not complete without an eraser. Being always ready to remove all your graphite mistakes make erasers a must-have tool for artists. Erasers come in all sizes, shapes, and functions. The plastic types are the toughest of all while the malleable ones the gentlest to use.


Canvas can be customised or bought right off the rack. Some artists make their own. While you’re not at that stage yet, opting for standard canvas from art supply stores is the best way to start painting your masterpiece.

Watercolour paper

The smooth texture of the watercolour paper makes it the best medium to use for watercolour paints. High-quality watercolour paper is silky soft compared to lower-quality ones. It has been said that using only the best art material is also the best way to encourage the craft of an artist.


Acrylics are a type of paint that can be painted on all surfaces. The versatility, affordability, and vibrancy of colours make acrylics the paint of choice of most beginner or seasoned artist.


A variety of artistic results are achieved with the use of watercolour. The flexibility and versatility of this medium are available in dry cake or tubes.

Mahl stick

A painter’s stick or Mahl stick has either a padded or soft leatherhead. The stick is commonly used by artists to support the hand holding the brush. While you can make your Mahl stick, the most convenient way is to purchase it from any art supply store.


Inks are important art materials to have in your workspace. They are great to use when you want to add a dramatic flair to your painting. Their brilliant colours also make them the best to use for glazing.

Investing in the right art materials is the best way to showcase your artistic talent. The artistic process becomes enjoyable and creative with the use of proper art tools. The use of art materials to practice offers the best way for beginners to perfect their chosen field of art.