The art print is believed to have been discovered a long time ago according to research carried out. The field has grown exponentially and has attracted a large pool of stakeholders including graphic designers and publishers. The most striking advantage of the art print is the ability to apply it using different techniques.

The technique applied relies on the field of application. In this article, we will learn the most commonly known art printing techniques that are being used to the latter.

Common types of art printing methods

  • Engraving

This is one of the oldest techniques that is used in art printing. It is among the types of intaglio techniques. Engraving involves carving the incisions into a surface with bare hands. Engraving involves the utilisation of a steel rod with an oblique tip that has a rounded top where hands can hold.

Well, mastering this technique can take a long time and it calls for patience. If you make a mistake during engraving, you will have to hammer the back of the metal surface in place and then smooth it with a burnished.

  • Woodcut

Woodcut is a subfield of relief printmaking that involves carving out negative spaces from the surface while leaving behind the shapes or lines that you want to see in the print. Once the process is complete, you will now have to coat the surface with ink. You now have to press the block against a piece of paper to apply the art on it. It is simpler when compared to engraving and one can easily master it.

  • Linocuts

Linocuts are applied the same way as woodcuts but the only difference lies in the type of material surface you use. Instead of using a block of wood as in woodcut, the carvings are made on a sheet of linoleum material.

The advantage of linoleum material is that it can be carved in any direction because it does not contain directional grains. However, its smooth nature can hinder an artist from creating fine lines. Linocutting is usually the first technique to be introduced to learners because it is easier to master than any other technique. The linoleum is also easy to access at absolutely lower prices than other materials.

  • Collagraph

Collagraph is another relief printing technique that is used by many people to date. However, rather than cutting shapes and lines out of a surface, collagraph involves adding items such as plastic, fabrics, or plants onto the surface to elevate the surface for relief printing. However, the height of the items must not exceed half of an inch in height as you may risk tearing the paper while printing.

Where to get a quality art printing tool?

Finding quality art printing tools can be difficult, especially now that many companies are manufacturing these products. You should take your time while looking for the right art printing tools because they will have a great impact on your final work as an artist. If possible, you should always ask for a sample to try out before you can buy the materials in bulk.

The test sample usually comes at affordable prices. Alternatively, you can check on the credibility of that company to know if they make quality art printing products that meet their clients’’ needs. If you are not sure about how to order art prints in Brisbane, then you can ask experts from a given company through their website.