Every parent wants to take their kids to the best child care centre where caregivers can take good care of them when they are working. Therefore, it is essential that when you are selecting a child care centre for your kid, you take several precautions so that you can select the centre that is best for your child.

One of the things that you come to learn when selecting child care centres is that there are different types of child care settings that you can select. Therefore, it is up to you to know what setting is best for your kid. To make the best decision, you have to ensure that you have done ample research about the child care settings available in your area and know their pros and their cons. This will enable you to make the best decision that you will never regret. Therefore, if you are yet to decide on the type of child care setting that is best for your kid, think about the following settings that you are likely to come across in your area.


As the name suggests, the daycares are child care settings that take care of the kids during the day when you are working. Most of the daycares are independently owned, while the workplaces provide others. The daycare centres have managers as well as the staff. The staff has different roles in the daycare centres, including taking care of the kids and keeping the environment safe and clean.

One of the best things with child care Gympie facilities is that they take care of your kids for all the time that you are working. Also, you can get the daycares to check on your kid whenever you wish to do it. However, if you are to work during the night, they may not be there for you.  Despite this, in case your kid gets sick when they are in the daycare centres, you do not have to leave your job since they take care of this.

Mothers’ helpers

Mothers’ helpers will take care of the kids when their parents are at home.  They are usually younger than the parents, but it allows you to watch over your kid.  However, it is hard to get a mother’s helper to take care of your kid; also, they do not take care of your kids in your absence.


A babysitter is usually hired to take care of your kid for several hours that you agree on. Babysitters work part-time, and hence they can never be available for the whole day. Therefore, they are not meant for parents who work the whole day.  Some of the duties you can give your babysitters include cooking, feeding the kids, helping them with the homework, and putting them to sleep.


Nannies are more convenient for parents who want full attention for their kids. This is because they only take care of kids in one home.  Nannies are quite different from babysitters since they have dedicated themselves to taking care of kids; they do not do any other job.

Family daycare

If you cannot afford to pay a nanny, you can decide to take your kids to another family where you will have to join hands with several parents and have your kids taken care of by one person.  The advantage of this setting is that you select a home in your neighbourhood, which is also a cheaper option.